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During my session I never once felt ashamed, embarrassed, nervous, naked, anything. I felt like me and Che made it easy and fun, and most importantly GLAMOUROUS. He directed me like I was a model and the most beautiful person on the earth, and that truly is what made my images he captured so magnificent. He brought out what my fiancé sees in me every day.


Prior to the shoot my friends all asked me, “how on earth could you show your body in front of people?”, and “aren’t you so scared to be naked?!”

All my life I have been proud of the size I am and the woman I am and after talking with him, I knew that if anyone could capture my true self it would be Che.

Plus size, small size, any size, I wanted to prove to myself and anyone who saw my images that it doesn’t matter what size you are, you are beautiful!


I could not have been more nervous about my boudoir shoot, but Che brings a level of casual professionalism that immediately wiped out all of my insecurities. He made me feel beautiful and sexy.  I opted to add the hair and make-up session, which I felt turned me into a total bombshell! I could not have been happier with the final product. I still can’t believe that it’s me in the photos.