Frequently Asked Questions

Here we go, all the questions you have and some you may not have even thought of, all wound up in a pretty little page...  

{Q:} The women on your website all look like models. I am far from a model type.....can I do this??

{A:} Models? Where?  Oh, well, on behalf of all the ladies here, thank you.  They are not models, they are just like you.  In fact, you may know some of them and if not, no worries, you can rest assured that they are mothers, girlfriends, wives, neighbors, all of which were sitting in front of their computers or on their phones at lunch thinking the same thing you are thinking now.. no way will I look like that!  I say, no worries, it's not your job to be a model, it's my honor to help you create the best image of you by posing you to your body and personality style.  It's my privilege to find that one thing that makes you uniquely you and then capture it in a way that is ultra flattering for you.  Again, you don't have to know what you are doing in the slightest. I will direct you every step of the way, from helping you prepare for your boudoir shoot with wardrobe and grooming tips, to posing every inch of you.  In a much shorter response, just show up and trust me to bring out the best in you.


{Q:} How far in advance should I book my session?

{A:} I recommend that women have their shoot date scheduled for about 2 months prior to needing the finished product in-hand. Also, being a one-man show, I tend to book up very quickly and relatively far in advance. For weekday availability, you should email me to schedule at least a month and a half in advance. Fridays tend to be the most popular time slots and book up the quickest. That said, DON'T WAIT to email me! It's never to early to get on my schedule.  Just keep in mind that it takes time to edit, get with you for your reveal, and order your wonderful items.  


{Q:} I see that you offer a variety of styles. What is the difference?

{A:} You are the difference and your preference to which style you would like.  Some already have locations in mind, old barn on their farm, poolside at their home, etc..  I don't mind traveling to make your experience the best it can be.  Some like to express themselves in classic art tradition, while others dip outside their comfort zone and try something risque.  Whatever your style or wants, I'm here for you to make them work for you.  There is no limit to what your experience can be, just whisper it to me and I'll make it come to life.  

{Q:} Where will my boudoir session take place? Do you have a studio?

{A:} I book the best of the best in our area, or in yours if I am traveling at the time.  For the Tulsa area, we are talking about The Mayo, The Campbell, The Ambassador, Aloft, Renaissance, Hard Rock, or River Spirit.  Of course, which one depends on you and your schedule for availability.  I do work hard to meet your needs and if you have another hotel you would prefer, you just need ask.  On-location photo shoots are welcome if you would feel more comfortable in your own space, or if you have a place that you are just dying to shoot at!  Scheduling needs to be done a little further in advance, but we love these sessions.   I do have a small studio space in my home for those last minute sessions, however, I suggest planning ahead so we can give you the most unique images we can.


{Q:} I'm really not comfortable with being photographed nearly nude, but I really want you to photograph me. Is that a possibility?  

{A:} Yes, no worries.  My specialty is photographing you--that's in ANY level of dress or undress.  Women who shy away from being photographed nude, in lingerie, etc, might be more comfortable doing a flirty session in their favorite summer dress or t-shirt and jeans, etc....that's totally fine!   You don't have to take off your clothes to be sexy.  You just have to be you.

{Q:}  The images on your website are very tasteful and pretty, but what if I wanted to get a little more... um... risque?

{A:} Go crazy!  I am known for my casual shooting style that helps people relax into whatever display of themselves they want. I will capture images that are as provocative as you are willing to go.  I have worked with several couples with ideas they pull from their favorite movies, books, or just something they've been thinking about forever.  Some women bring ideas solely cooked up by their husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.  No worries and no judgements.


{Q:} What should I wear?

{A:} This is probably the most popular question I get….and the answer is simple…whatever you feel sexy in! Most clients opt for some form of lingerie. A bra and panty set,  silk robe, nightie, stockings, a t-shirt and underwear, or nothing at all–whatever you opt for, it will turn out fabulous! I don't stress the time so we will have plenty of it to experiment with anything you bring, however, in my experience, if you bring 1 outfit you will be disappointed, if you bring more than 5, you may be stressed to get them all done.  That being said, I recommend 3-5 outfits but don't stress to much about wardrobe. I could (and have!) spend an entire hour shooting a client with no other wardrobe than the bed sheets and completely rock it out. Once you've completed the booking process with me, you will also receive a detailed shoot guide that will help you with preparations and wardrobe considerations!


{Q:} Can I have someone with me at my session?

{A:} Of course! Sometimes your best friend is exactly what you need to calm your nerves and give you the reassurance you need to get started with your session! I don’t mind at all if there is a friend with you! I do ask that the friend not interfere with the shoot (running in to “touch you up” in between every shot, directing your posing, etc) as I will handle anything along those lines that needs done.  I only allow one friend in the room with you. I would recommend that if this is a gift for another, to not bring them along.  The whole idea is to surprise them with the outcome, not the experience.  Want to do one better than having a friend there for moral support?  Why don't you book your shoots back to back so you can both enjoy the experience together.


{Q:} On which days of the week can I have my photo session?

{A:} I accept shoots on  whatever day works best for you.  Typically, Fridays and Saturdays book up quickly so time slots for those days are very limited and are usually booked several weeks in advance.  Never hurts to ask though.  People reschedule due to life, often.


{Q:} How much can you “edit out”?

{A:} This is a touchy subject, but I stick to my gut (no pun intended) on this one. I "Photoshop" as little as possible. I rely on my strategic poses and angles to play down "problem" areas.  I will edit out minor blemishes/skin flaws as well as simple things like under-eye circles and small scars (if you request the scar-removal). My main rule of thumb is, if it’s permanent, it stays. Tattoos included.  As far as stretch marks go, most women have them—and most of the time, my skin-smoothing editing technique will buff out most average stretch marks. If you would like to request extensive editing, we can quote that on a per-image basis at your photo reveal appointment after you've seen your images with our standard retouch on them.  Bottom line–I will work with what you’ve got and prove to you that you are beautiful as you are and these will be the best set of photos you have of yourself!  My post-processing techniques are more focused on color, contrast, sharpening, etc, rather than body morphing.  After all, the whole point is to express your beautiful self as you are right now.


{Q:} These photos are intended as a gift for my significant other…what photo products make the best gift?

{A:} Albums are by far the number one on that list, quickly followed by wall art.  Albums are the obvious choice for displaying a good number of images on your coffee table or night stand and they fit nicely into a drawer if you want to keep them hidden. In addition to that, most clients find themselves with at least one big statement piece of wall art for their master bedroom, master bathroom, master walk in closet, even the living room for those who are bold. Hand in hand, the album and wall art collection is the best of both worlds. 


{Q:} I am a school teacher/pastor's wife/high profile actress and if these photos were leaked it would destroy my reputation...is this secret safe with you???

{A:} I totally understand the concern and can say in over 25 years of photographing women, families, weddings, etc. that I have never had a single problem in this area.  All images displayed have been approved and ok'd by not only the subject of that image but their significant other, if they had one.  I've even pulled images as time rolled by for the sake of new employment, relationships, congregations, etc.  My general style is very classic and beautiful, however I can totally understand if you don't want your images shared with the public! Especially that saucy one, you know...the one that took you the entire shoot to build up the courage to take!  You can rest assured that your images will never be shared without your permission. As soon as your session is complete, I retouch your images in house myself. I've never used a third party for editing.  After that, you will see them directly during your in person photo viewing!! If you are coming in from out of town to shoot with me and an in person viewing is not possible, I will make other accommodations for you for a long distance viewing. 


In the event that you are super awesome and proud of your images and do permit me to use them on my website, instagram, or facebook, your real name will not be used and I will not tag you on any of these formats unless you request me to do so.  I don't archive in the cloud or online storage of any kind.  Speaking of which, I archive images for 1 year before they are purged from my personal secure back up that is locked away in a fire proof setting much like Fort Knox... well, maybe not that secure, but plenty close.


{Q:} Do you photograph men?

{A:} Although it is not common in a one on one setting, I have done so plenty of times.  Why should women have all the fun?  However, in most cases, if men are involved, it is in one of my couples sessions.  


{Q:} Do you still shoot weddings, families, etc??

{A:} Of course I do, I love people and I love working with them in almost any capacity.  However, I usually only do so for people I have worked with before.  Mostly because I believe weddings aren't just a wham bam, here are your shots and I'll see you later.  Same goes for family, individual, and couples.  I have found that photographing people you know well shows in the work you produce with them much more than the random photographer for Christmas cards.  So, yes, lets do some work and then the skies the limit. 


{Q:} Will you use my images on your website/blog/portfolio?

{A:} I, of course, would love to use images from our session together to show other women your amazing photos!  However, I also completely understand if you or your significant other might be uncomfortable to share them. That said, I will not share unless you grant permission. The bottom line is: I will honor whatever level of privacy you would like. Many clients are so proud of their images that they give me full discretion to choose images for my portfolio, some clients prefer that only their faceless images be put in my gallery, some clients prefer to choose the images that are posted, and other clients are comfortable with anything being posted, as long as it’s after a certain date (after they gift the images).  Just let me know where you stand on the topic and I will honor your wishes!

If you have ANY other questions that I did not address here, please ask and I'll do my best to answer open and honestly.

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