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I'm thrilled that you have booked a boudoir session with Almost Art Boudoir! 


I work with amazing women of all ages, shapes and sizes who need a little "ME" time and that want to feel sexy, desirable and empowered. I want to help you see the beauty in yourself that everyone else sees. This is an experience where we will have fun together, give you the confidence you deserve, and bring out the most beautiful version of yourself.

It's not easy investing in yourself, but doing something that is completely for YOU can be a good thing not only for yourself but also for the ones you love most. I want to help you find that passion & desire in yourself that you didn't know was there or that you may have forgotten was there after all of life’s stresses. We help you with all the prep for your session by offering a pre-session consultation. With a talent for posing, we will make you feel more beautiful and confident than you have ever felt before, working with your best features to show you just how beautiful you truly are. We want you to LOVE your session from start to finish and walk away feeling sexy, desirable and empowered.

Your time with us will be amazing, because you get to take home images that remind you everyday of how sexy you are! We want to create an album for you that you can flip through years from now and still remember your experience. At every session we strive to give you a good mix of images that are tasteful and timeless with a few sexy or even scandalous photos sprinkled in as well. If at the end of our day together you feel sexy, desirable and empowered then I have fulfilled my purpose in life, and for that, I say thank you.

Tips & Tricks for your #AlmostArtBoudoir session

  1. Be CONFIDENT!!! Nerves are normal, but own who you have become. Love your body, be confident in who you are and how far you've come in your life. You are going to look & feel amazing after your #AlmostArtBoudoir session.

  2. Wear loose clothing to the shoot. The last thing you want are any unwanted lines on you. Come braless, comfy sweats and a loose shirt!

  3. Eat smart.  I normally will supply snacks of your choice, however, I wouldn't recommend you eating just before you arrive.  If you do so, choose foods that won't make you feel heavy or sleepy.

  4. Drink smart.  Drinking lots of water will give your skin a nice healthy glow.  Please do not consume alcohol before your session.  This greatly impacts your images, droopy eyes, flush skin, loss of motor control, etc.  The list goes on and on.  

  5. Speaking of not go tanning for a few days before your shoot or get a spray tan. Think red, blotchy or orange skin in all your images.

  6. Medical marijuana .  I support your right to be you, however, most locations I use for sessions do not allow smoking of any kind.  Also, it is unethical of me to take images of someone under the influence of any kind.  And, much like alcohol, it impacts your manner and expressions.  

  7. Bring outfit options. At least 2-4. Bring something that fits your style and something totally outside of your comfort zone...make the most of your time with us! Be sure bras and panties fit correctly and do not have holes or stains. Please remove any tags or stickers.

  8. Watch the hair. We highly recommend not making a huge change in your hair or body right before your session. Get you hair done about 2-4 weeks before your session. Come with clean, dry hair and a clean face.

  9. Get your body ready... wax, shave, lotion, paint toe nails, get a manicure, buy those sexy shoes you’ve had your eye on! Do whatever it takes to make you feel glamorous.

  10. STRETCH!!! You will use muscles you never even knew you had. You will be sore the next day, so stretching and Tylenol will help your body recover.

What to Wear?

Ah, what to wear?   One of the most frequently asked questions, and our favorite to answer! What to wear depends entirely on you - what kind of look you envision for yourself, and most importantly, what makes you feel most comfortable! Some clients prefer to bare it all - while others like to remain more conservatively covered. Any way you like it, we'll work with you to create the experience of your dreams.


Here are a few pointers we've gathered from our years of experience for the final outcome of your session.

*Accessorize! Whether it's your engagement ring, something a little vintage, a bold or delicate necklace, or a sexy body chain, accessories can add personality and interest to your photos. Don't get too crazy though, less is sometimes more and we don't want to distract from your beauty, but rather enhance it.

*Shoes! They can help set a mood, express your personality, and add touches of sexy, classy, or cute! We recommend bringing heels, stilettos, or if a comfy pair of sneakers is your style, bring them. But if you're not a shoe loving girl, then that's perfectly fine too, just be prepared for me to tell you to point those toes. 

*Outfit Options! Bringing multiple outfits is always a great idea. You may not feel as comfortable in some than others, and you'll never know what looks absolutely fabulous until you're wearing it in front of the camera!  An old t-shirt, button up, or jersey from the hubby’s closet can look amazing. If you have a few outfits that you can't decide between, bring them and we can help you pick the most flattering items from your collection.  


*Color, Pattern & Texture! Colorful accessories, shoes, jewelry, and lingerie can really make your photos shine. Even a small touch of color among an otherwise muted pallet can add a lot of excitement and interest to the composition.  If you're not sure what colors, patterns, and textures would go best with your skin tones, just ask!  A lot of clients bring black lingerie which looks amazing on everyone. Add a few other options that are deeper toned, jewel toned or even a pop of brightness can sometimes look amazing on camera.  I'd stay away from stripes though, they can be tricky or trippy, neither of which we want for you.

*Lingerie with Interest! Fishnets, thigh-highs, garter belts, bodysuits, high-waisted panties and extra-lacey lingerie...yes!!! We love photographing you in anything - but unique, interesting lingerie pieces are a great way to make your photos really incredible.

When in doubt on anything, reach out and I'll be happy to discuss ideas with you.

I’m nervous about this! What’s your advice? Being nervous is totally normal but we promise nerves will melt away very soon! After 10 minutes of shooting you will see how fun and easy it is.

Can I bring a friend/significant other to the photo shoot? ~ It's not recommended unless you are doing a couples session.  Normally, having an extra set of eyes on you is a distraction from who you are.  To often we put on our game face for those we are close to and this is about you and showing how beautiful you are.

Do you offer payment plans? ~ Yes we do. $200 is due in full to schedule your session, with balance due within 48 hours of your scheduled time and date. Your purchases of an album or images can be broken into payments, a minimum of 25% due at the ordering appointment, remaining balance due at least once a month for 3 months, but product will not be released until your product is paid in full. 

How much do you edit? ~ As little as possible.  I prefer to show you how amazing you are without all the touch ups that many photographers do.  That being said, I do a light skin smoothing to all of your images. Trust that you are in good hands, I want to show off the real you, so with the right wardrobe, we will show you that photoshop is not needed to make you look already are!

Will my images be made public?  ~ Not without your expressed approval! Every client must sign our model release, you have the option to keep your images private, release some or all of your images to be used inside & outside of Almost Art Boudoir. If you choose to release your images, you may be featured in our Instagram, on Facebook or on this site gallery.  We appreciate and encourage sharing, tagging, and all that, but again, we won't do so without your approval.

Thank you again, I will talk with you very soon!

Almost Art Boudoir

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