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Yeah, thats me, Che Graves.  I've been behind a camera for 26 years... wait, is it 2019?  Sheesh, I guess that means 28 years....  (He pauses to reflect on that number...)

What can I say about myself?  Lets see, I am a father to 4 wonderful humans, 1 girl and 3 boys, each of which have survived my parenting to become incredible adults.  One of my boys is disabled and lives with me full time.  He has become my inspiration for seeing life in the most simplistic and wonderful ways, with the eyes of a child who will never grow old.  The love and patience he has taught me has transformed the way that I interact with people and the world around me.  Oh, and lets not forget, I currently have 5 little girls that call me a wide range of things that resemble grandpa... I know, right!!!  Crazy little humans that are as mean as they are beautiful and I wouldn't trade them for anything.


Back to photography stuff.  I have had a camera in hand for over half my life now.  I know, crazy! Or at least, I think it's crazy.  It changed me at a time when I needed it the most and has become my traveling companion through out my life.  I am rarely with out one within reach, even if it's just a snap shot with my phone.  Yeah, I'm that guy who is always stopping randomly to grab something... annoying I know, but it is who I am.  I have all the things you would expect from so many years of practice, awards, publishings, billboards, and all that.  I taught classes for a time and that was a blast!  I don't list such things because I prefer to let me work speak for me.  

I find beauty in everyday normal things and in the simplicity of life more often than not.  When it comes to people, I love the challenge of finding that one thing that makes you uniquely you.  It might be a side glance or a little smirk, possibly the dimple that only shows when you genuinely smile... not that fake smile that we all do for a camera, the one you have when you are laughing at something so stupid that you just can't help it... yeah, that one, you know the one I speak of.

I strive for and want desperately to give you an experience, not just a portrait session where I say "Smile!" click and see you later.  The days where you have to sit, smile and look proper are gone.  Today is the time for truth and being real, so why not have your portraits reflect that.  If you want to jump in that mud puddle, do it! Do it 20 times!  If you want to relax by the river in a lawn chair, why not?  Dance in the rain.  Bubble bath.  Naked on a motorcycle.  Sun tan on a boat! The list goes on and on and on. The point is, life is about experiences that should be remembered and captured in a way that reflects who you are at this moment.

It is my job and my pleasure to show not only you, but everyone, that you are amazing! I do this with a calm, relaxed personality that only comes with experience... well, that and I'm pretty chill anyway.   So come with me on a journey and lets find out what we can create together.

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